Treating Chronic Pain with Chiropractic Care

Treating Chronic Pain with Chiropractic Care

Ask anyone what would drastically lower their quality of life and undoubtedly most would answer with chronic pain. There are more serious illnesses, sure. Everything needs to be kept in perspective. But there is nothing that can be as frustrating, limiting, and in many instances depressing as the feeling that you’ll always be in pain. Relief is fleeting and it makes life harder than it needs to be. Does that sound hopeless? It shouldn’t because pain can, in fact, be treated and it can be treated effectively. You could have just been pursuing the wrong kinds of treatments.

Few conditions are as mysterious as chronic lower back pain or neck pain. These are the most common areas where people experience intermittent pain. Some feel it constantly, but there’s a higher chance that you’re one of the many people who has good days and bad days when it concerns your lower back or neck.

Pain is costly

Employers should take note here because such widespread pain issues are hurting them too but in their wallets. Let’s look at some statistics. Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability and missed work days. It’s the second most common reason why people go to the doctor. Only upper respiratory infections beat it out. With complaint numbers nearing the common cold, chronic pain is a serious problem.

Half of the adult American population complains of having back pain throughout a single year. We spend about $50 billion a year altogether to treat back pain. And that’s only for easily identifiable reasons. Not all causes of back pain can be easily seen with imaging technology. Neck pain is very common as well. With the rise of what many are calling “text neck” thanks to our screen oriented lifestyles, chronic neck pain numbers are only increasing. Add in traditional sources of pain like disc degeneration and it’s clear we’re at a pain tipping point.


Why you need to call a chiropractor

Your chiropractor will evaluate your condition and try to locate the source of your pain. From there a treatment plan will be developed to help reduce incidences of your lower back or neck pain. The cause is key because what you may not know is stress could be your pain trigger. Injuries as a result of accidents are easy enough to identify. But, you cannot see stress.

In the case of stress, massage therapy can be very beneficial. Gentle manipulations may also be successful in treating any radiating pain you have by providing relief to pinched nerves. Our nervous system is complex. This is why a “stiff neck” could present radiating pain into your shoulder or down your arm, for example.

You’ll also receive advice on pain prevention. Proper posture and mindful lifestyle changes can go a long way towards reducing your chronic pain. Often we have habits that we don’t even know are negatively affecting us. It could be something as simple as our sleep positions. The important thing is to treat your pain holistically and that’s exactly what your chiropractor can help you do.


The benefits of holistic treatment

Skilled manipulation will get you on the path to relief. But that’s not all. Acupuncture can be used as well to better help your body self-heal. By stimulating the key parts of your body where the pain is being generated, you may be able to find additional relief thanks to acupuncture. The biggest benefit of treating pain holistically is that it’s safer than the alternatives.

Every kind of medical treatment carries inherent risk. That is just the nature of our bodies. But, undergoing a major surgery on your spine is certainly at the high end of risk. Your lower back or neck pain needs treatment so you can improve your quality of life, but many people aren’t willing to take the risk of surgery. Not only may it not help, but it could bring complications as well.

Medication is another sensitive subject. You’ve no doubt used over the counter anti-inflammatory medications to try and combat your pain. But it’s when you get to prescription medication, certainly pain pills or muscle relaxants, that the red flags may start to go up. These powerful medications bring risks that more people are becoming concerned about. You may not want to go down that treatment path. With chiropractic care, you know you’re getting direct relief that doesn’t bring the risks of the alternative.



Pain management can often feel overwhelming. Not only are you dealing with you debilitating symptoms, but you also find yourself running into dead ends. Treatments don’t provide relief. You’re wary of invasive surgeries with long recovery times. You’re concerned about taking medication that could have side effects or introduce risk of addiction. Your chiropractor can help. Contact us today. The team at Oak Brook Medical Group is here to provide you with the care you need to get your life back from chronic pain.

The Oak Brook Medical Group Team

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