Acupuncture and Infertility



Forty percent of infertility is caused by problems in the female (such as anovulation and endometriosis) and forty percent is caused by problems in the male (such as low sperm count or motility).  The other twenty percent is caused by unidentified factors.  For the 4.5 million couples experiencing infertility each year, acupuncture might just be exactly what the doctor ordered! 

I heard that acupuncture in conjunction with Western fertility treatments can increase your chances of conception.  Is that true?
Yes, there are German studies out there that show that in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture can increase your success of conception by 42% or more compared to 26% in the control group that did not receive acupuncture. In clinical observation, the ultrasound shows that, after acupuncture, the color of women’s ovaries change from cloudy to bright and clear. The follicles usually double in number, the lining of the uterus becomes thicker, and the number of embryos increases significantly. For male patients the semen quality and quantity greatly increases.

So how does acupuncture help infertility?
Acupuncture can increase fertility by improving the function of the ovaries to produce better quality eggs, regulate the hormones to produce a larger number of follicles, increase blood flow to the uterus and thickness of the uterine lining, relaxes and de-stresses the patient, prevents the uterus from contracting, improves semen quality and quantity, strengthens the patient’s immune system, and can lessen the side effects of the drugs used in IVF. Wow, I’m out of breath! Clearly, adding in acupuncture treatments is the way to go!  I’ve also had numerous patients try acupuncture without going the Western medicine route as well, and they have success getting pregnant.

Other than acupuncture, is there anything else people can do to increase their chances of becoming more fertile?
Absolutely! There are many factors that affect a person’s fertility. Diet, for one, is huge. Stay away from sugar, dairy, and refined carbohydrates. Also avoid coffee, stimulants, and spicy foods.  Your acupuncturist may recommend certain supplements or Chinese herbs that can be found at the Natural Fertility Shop, depending on your diet and lifestyle habits. Hydrating yourself is also very important. Our bodies are 70% water, and if you don’t have enough fluid you may not sustain reproductive function of estrogen production from the follicle. It is also best to avoid extreme exercising, hot yoga, and saunas. Also, femoral massage may help to bring blood flow and circulation to the reproductive organs. In addition, meditation and journaling are also good to help de-stress. Another important thing is getting a checked a chiropractor to make sure your nervous system (and all the nerves going to your reproductive organs) is functionally optimally. Remember, balance of your body, mind, and soul is very important. Having a good outlook on your journey to becoming more fertile is vital. Your body is inherently fertile, so view yourself that way!