Words from Our Patients


Mallory B:

I started going to LiveWell Chiropractic when I began fertility treatments last year. After going to my first consultation I found that it was not only beneficial for me to begin acupuncture, but the chiropractic end of things as well. During my initial scan we found the lower portion of my back lit up red, which would indicate issues in the reproductive area. I therefore began acupuncture and chiropractic treatments as well once a week. Dr. Jessa went above and beyond to start the best form of personalized treatment to help my success in getting pregnant. I was completely impressed and extremely appreciative for the many days she came into the office early and on her days off to be there prior to my fertility treatments due to the statistics that show having acupuncture directly before is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend all women going through fertility issues to meet with Dr. Jessa. This not only helped me in getting pregnant, but also helped with the stress you endure throughout the process as well. I am now 6 ½ months pregnant with a healthy baby boy and have been continuing treatment ever since due to the utmost faith I have in Dr. Jessa’s care. Again, I would highly recommend LiveWell Chiropractic to anyone seeking information and care for both acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.


Linda F: