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Lower back pain can severely decrease your quality of life, limiting you to days of pain and sleepless nights. In Oak Brook, Illinois, back pain sufferers can find relief at LiveWell Chiropractic thanks to Dr. Eric Schaid and Dr. Jessa Kane’s services.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

What are the common causes of lower back pain?

Lower back pain is common among many Americans, both younger and older. A lumbar strain is one of the most common causes of lower back pain, which occurs after overuse or improper use of the muscles in this area. Poor posture, sitting for extended periods of time, and even some infections can exacerbate lower back pain.

Essentially, whenever something irritates the nerves on the lumbar portion of the spine, you can feel pain. As mentioned, there are a number of causes for an occurrence such as this, and you probably know that once your lower back hurts, it feels impossible to make the pain stop.

How can I make my lower back pain go away?

There are a number of home remedies you’re sure to have already tried to get your back to stop hurting: over the counter pain medication, hot water bottles, contoured beds, etc. None of it is really working though, is it? The good news is that lower back pain is not impossible to stop; you just have to have the right resources. Fortunately for you, Dr. Eric and Dr. Jessa have the expertise and experience you need to feel better. When you utilize the chiropractic services at Oak Brook Medical Group, you will find the best possible solution for ridding yourself of that pesky lower back pain.

What can the staff at LiveWell Chiropracticdo for my pain?

Dr. Eric and his team will start off by evaluating the pain you’re in and determining the root cause of the issue. From there, they will build a pain management plan for you that involves proven chiropractic techniques to reduce pain in the troubling area.

After pain management comes prevention. You’ll learn how to keep your back from hurting more, so that you may continue to feel better.

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At LiveWell Chiropractic, we accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. If you are not sure if your insurance covers our care, please call our office. Our staff would be happy to assist you!

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